About me

What I am doing in my free time?

My favourite occasions are related with my honey, my family, friends, computer and arts. There are many of my hobbies, which are respected both last categories. I endeavour to harmonise each of my hobbies with God’s plan. I believe. I love creative challenges, mostly if the problem is a technical interesting stuff. I do love creating new things in my spare time, but these I do not really have free time, so I am not so fruitful these days…

I love photographing, reading, drawing, painting, to versify, programming, planning… I love the nature and truly enjoy rowing on different excited places.

I am a linux and BSD fan. I offer to use these at home, because very user friendly, stable and totally free operation systems. Most of distributions has an office package (like LibreOffice/OpenOffice) and a lot of utilities. BTW the source is not top secret, so nowhere interceptors of an MNC. Now I am using Mac OSX.

Computer graphics is very near to me, but the most important is having fun some picnic with my darling. Every other pleasure is my work at the same time. I think it is important to enjoy what you have to do.

My Family

I love my lover, and this is requited. It is simple. She is beautiful, clever and cute… sure I love her not because. Yet I never yammer… Lady Doctor. Researcher. Our daughter, Hanna born in 7th of November, 2012.

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